Dentofacial orthopedics

Most of the young age boys and girls reporting to dental clinics are with the common complaint of forwardly placed teeth. It may be due to dental problem or bone[ skeletal] problems. Bone problems usually results from failure of coordinated growth between upper and lower jaws. May be either excess growth or less growth of  jawbones.These problems if diagnosed early at a young age i.e, below 12yrs can be corrected using bone clips  “Dento- facial orthopaedics”- [DFO] aims to control, accelerate, redirect or modify the growth of upper and lower jaw bones, usually done with head gear like appliances for young boys and girls during their growing period

DFO  bone clips  improves the bony foundation of the dentition as a primary objective. These orthopaedic bone clips if used regularly at right age can bring wonderful esthetic results. It can sometimes help to treat the patient’s problem without the routine removal of four teeth, also the need for future jaw surgery can be avoided . Hence, it is advised to do the child’s first consultation with an orthodontist at around 8 yrs of age so that bone problems or deleterious oral habits  if any, can be identified early and the skeletal treatment can be initiated using DFO appliances or correction of deleterious habits(thumb sucking, mouth breathing) using habit breaking appliances
Thus the correction of both the dentition and the underlying jaw problems can be achieved using orthodontic braces and DFO bone clips at the right age of an individual

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