Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

The first specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the study and treatment of improper dental bites, which may be due to tooth irregularity or disproportionate jaw size or combination of both. An orthodontist is a dentist who is specialised in straightening teeth.

“Orthodontics” commonly involves treatment for the correction and alignment of altered dentition , correction of forwardly placed teeth, spacing, crowding etc..

Dental braces (brackets) are steel or ceramic devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth . The wires interact with the brackets to move teeth into the desired positions. They are used to correct all types of dental orthodontic problems like dental protrusion, spacing, cross bites, open bites, deep bites, crowding, crooked teeth etc
Braces can be of different types -steel, golden, colorless, ceramic or Invisalign- clear plastic aligners that move teeth.

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